Frere's Crossing Reserve

Frere's Crossing Reserve

Frere’s Crossing is a significant heritage site containing the remnants of an old wooden bridge that formed part of a connection between Campbelltown and Newcastle up to 1917. The crossing was named after George Pierre Frere, who owned a property at Eckersley, but by 1913 all residents had been moved out of the area to make way for the military reserve.

It is one of the most scenic sites along the Georges River in the Campbelltown area. Take a walk and enjoy the serene environment.

The area is surrounded by healthy woodland vegetation, including the vegetative communities: Sydney Hinterland Transition Woodland, Coastal Sandstone Ridgetop Woodland and Hinterland Sandstone Gully Forest. The area is characterised by glorious Gymea lillies and Xanthorrhoea (grass trees).

A wide variety of native fauna have been found in the area, including the Eastern Water Dragon, Brown Thornbill, Kookaburra, Short-beaked Echidna and the Koala.

There are no formal picnic facilities or amenities located at Frere’s Crossing.

Frere's Crossing Walking Trail

  Distance:     2km return walk.    
  Grade:Medium. Loose, rocky, unsealed surface. Steep sections. Includes some hills.  
  Activities:Bushwalking and mountain biking.

Click here to view a copy of the Georges River Bushwalking Guide, for further information on bushwalks around the Georges River in Campbelltown.

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Frere's Crossing Reserve

Frere's Road,

Ph: 02 4645 4921

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